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Langsculpture contains photographs and autobiographical information for the sculpture of Wharton Lang and Faust Lang
Fauna Studio, Mount Zion, St Ives, Cornwall

John Dory Yew
Preening Heron One of a pair of herons in oak
Watchful Heron One of a pair of herons in oak
Great White Shark Carved in mulberry
Barn owl Sycamore with eyes in teak
Diving grebe  Laburnum
Heron Carved in mulberry
Gurnard Jara wood
Short eared owl Cherry wood
TIme to rest Cypress
Catch off the boat Cypress
Tea break Cypress
Eagle in flight Oak in relief
Deep ocean Yew
Ling Mulberry
Orca leaping Yew
Cod Mulberry
Tern in flight Lime on teak background in relief
Kestral standing Cherry wood
Leaping salmon Yew
Cormorant Teak. Displayed at the Mousehole Bird Sanctuary
Red Kite Red wood grown in Cornwall
Fox Yew
Golden Eagle Walnut
St Luke
Nothing Doing and Doing Nothing
Horse sculpture in progress
Figure Skater Stolen and never recovered. The piece which lead to Faust Lang being elected a member of the St Ives Society of Aritsts (no. 194)
Christ in Kensington Church carved in commemoration of Robert Curwin, Rector
St George and the Dragon
Faust and Wharton
St Helena
Shire Horse
Horse leaping
Gillian Sheen Sculpture of Olympic gold medallist fencer, Gillian Sheen
St Christopher
Fauna Studio The Lang family opened Fauna Studio in 1949 after moving from Morgan Porth
Shire horse
Horse standing
The Struggle Farm hand leading Shire foal in Oak
Castle of Mey Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother  receives sculpture from Wharton Lang in 1967
Tinners Arms Zennor Cornish tin miner in Teak
Waterfall Jumping Salmon in Redwood